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NFL Playoff Predictions 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I’m not talking about the holidays, I’m taking about NFL Playoffs. Playoffs are just around the corner which means each game from here on out weighs heavily. As games intensify, we’re going to see some of the best football played all season. Several teams have already been eliminated from contention based on their current records. It’s no surprise that the Cleveland Browns have been cut with zero wins this season. It comes as a huge surprise that last year’s team to beat, the Carolina Panthers, are going to be eliminated and turned over their three-year NFC South Champions title to the Atlanta Falcons. With teams on the bubble and a few teams already locked in, we’re giving you our pre-playoff predictions.

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The 5 Best NFL Stadiums

Over the years, we’ve seen some of the most iconic structures in the nation be built: NFL stadiums. Although different, each stadium brings its own special experience on game day. But which one is the best? With so many factors to consider, it can be difficult to rank the 31 NFL stadiums, but we figured we’d give it a try anyway. Take a look at which stadiums we think are the best in the NFL.

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Cari Champion to Host Gold Jacket Club at Super Bowl LI

Have you heard the wonderful news? Cari Champion will be co-hosting the Hall of Fame Experiences Gold Jacket Club with Emmitt Smith before Super Bowl LI. We are so thrilled to have such a talented, driven, intelligent journalist in at our party. If you’re not sure who Cari Champion is you’ve probably never watched ESPN.

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Emmitt Smith to Host Gold Jacket Club at Super Bowl LI

Cowboys fans, rejoice! Not only are you having one heck of a season, but it’s also been announced that Emmitt Smith will host the Gold Jacket Club at Super Bowl LI. What a time to be alive.  

We are very excited to spend part of our time in Houston with the one and only Emmitt Smith, and now you have the chance to join us. Keep reading to learn more about the Gold Jacket Club, relive Emmitt Smith’s career and see how you can get this exclusive access.

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Give the Gift of Super Bowl LI

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Christmas is almost here. I could not be more excited – Christmas is my favorite holiday. There’s something about Christmas that makes the rest of the year seem less important. Not only is Christmas around the corner but so are Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. This holiday season is one to be filled with joy, love, hope – and gifts.

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What's Going on in the NFL Right Now

Every year we make predictions, we stick to our traditions, and we pray for our dreams to come true. And every year we’re completely rocked when the NFL dashes our hopes and dreams with terrible 4th quarter losses, player injuries, total upsets, and gasp­ – ties! We’re heading into Week 9 and we’ve seen our fair share of each of these season busters. We’ve also seen some incredible comebacks, inspirational returns, and just good old-fashioned football moments. This is why we live for football season!

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NFL Team Rivalries

Every Sunday you can catch millions of American glued to their TV screens waiting for the greatest moments in television history to unfold before their eyes – no, I’m not talking about the Walking Dead. I’m talking about football! The tradition of the National Football League is deeply seeded in the American culture and we’re glad to report, it’s not going anywhere. We flock to our TVs, bars, and stadiums for small moments of greatness that lead to bigger glorious wins for our favorite teams. While watching your favorite team is a must, there are a few other games that should be on your NFL must watch list, I’ve covered those here. Outside of these must-see games this season, there are a few games that are a staple in NFL history you should be watching: the Rivalry Games.   

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How Are Super Bowl Locations Selected?

Future Super Bowl Locations Have Been Chosen! 

Admit it. You love football. You think of the seasons as Winter, Spring, Summer, and Football. That’s ok – I do to too. Every year I plan big trips, parties, and family gatherings around football season. As you can imagine, this means the Super Bowl is as big of a deal in my house as Christmas. This makes it vital for me to know when and where each Super Bowl is. Luckily for people like me, they tell us several years in advance which city and stadium are hosting. Here is the schedule for the next five seasons:   

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Our Texas Sized Super Bowl Menu

We need to talk. This is serious business. If you ever thought about going to the Super Bowl, this season is the season to go. I know you're thinking why? Why this season? Well for starters, the first five weeks have been nuts! Big players have been taken down by injuries, rookies have been making a splash, and the best team in the league in 2015 has crumbled before our eyes. This Super Bowl is going to be EPIC – I  can feel it. Secondly, this year the Super Bowl is being played in Houston, Texas. The weather will be pretty nice and you’ll enjoy the escape for a few days. Lastly, you’ll be in Texas aka, where the best food in America is created. Amazing food and amazing football will combine to make one heck of a weekend!  

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4 Reasons to Attend Super Bowl LI

Attending the Super Bowl has probably crossed your mind at least once. Maybe even twice or three times. I can’t blame you for wanting to go. It’s one of the most exhilarating events of the year. If you’re on the fence about heading to Houston in February, let’s see if I can do a little convincing. Keep reading for four reasons why you should attend Super Bowl LI, and more specifically, why you should go with us.

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