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The 2019 Super Bowl Experience: Past Client Reviews

By Victoria Barnett

IMG_4293-591958-edited.jpgOur 2017 Super Bowl experience was so incredible, I don’t even know where to begin. We’ve sold ticket packages to the Super Bowl for several years now, but this was the first year we kicked off our Gold Jacket Club, an all-inclusive hospitality venue that featured gourmet cuisine, premium drinks and appearances by Pro Football Hall of Famers.

Overall, we were extremely pleased with the outcome of our pre- and postgame parties, and we also received excellent feedback from our guests regarding the experience. Although I could give you a long spiel on what the experience was like (in fact, I already have here), I think it would be best for you to hear from our clients directly!

See below what our guests had to say about the overall experience and our sales and on-site staff.

About the Experience

2019 Super BowlThe staff at the ticket pickup were great and the team at the HOF pre-game were fabulous (as was the catering team). Ticket location for the game was fantastic, couldn't have asked for better. – A.H.

Quality team and very engaged and knowledgeable. – D.S.

Great food at that venue. – G.F.

Great proximity to the stadium! – W.S.

Wall of donuts big hit! – D.S.

The game was the main deciding factor, the HOF pre-game added an amazing prelude. – D.H.

Well run company that is committed to delivering the best possible product and experience possible. – D.S.

From the sales experience to the onsite folks, the team made us feel like they cared. We had requested seats as close to the 50 yard line as possible and the team delivered. Overall, we were made to feel welcomed and the team exuded a feeling of happiness that we were there and a desire to make sure everything went well. On a personal note, we booked this event almost 12 months ago and had no idea who would be playing. We had a bucket list desire to attend a superbowl, My husband is a lifelong Patriots fan so this amped up the excitement. The game was also amazing :-) #GoPats

Super Bowl 51 was the first Super Bowl I attended after watching the Super Bowl for so many years on TV. I attended the Super Bowl with my son, and we had a fantastic time thanks to Quintevents. Everything provided with our Super Bowl experience package exceeded my expectations, and the weekend culminated with a historic game, and an awesome victory by the New England Patriots. This was a great and pleasurable experience, and I appreciate everything the staff at Quintevents  did to make this weekend possible for us! – G.B.

Amazing event. Truly. We couldn’t have asked for a better pre and post experience. Happy customers!!! Parking to post-event, awesome time! – J.B.

Your tailgate was our favorite! Well spaced, programmed and timed. Your idea to be open post-game was brilliant. – T.D.

They had a great time. Everything went very smooth. They said the location of the hotel they stayed in was great for all events. Easy subway ride to the stadium. They had a great time. – L.H.  

It was a first class event, our sponsors thought so as well. Thanks [to] you, your team for a wonderful experience for the fans and a great job a representing our brand. – G.V.

Just wanted to again extend my thanks to you for putting together the Super Bowl 51 package for my son and I. The entire weekend was incredible, Houston was a blast! Being a Patriots fan, we had a very difficult 3 and a half quarters, but they turned it on in the fourth ultimately leading to their victory. My son and I didn't sleep at all Sunday night, the city was completely abuzz, what an experience! – G.B.

About Our Staff

2019 Super Bowl[My Sales Representative] was very good throughout the process. – M.M.  

[My Sales Representative] is always great, immediately available and not pushy at all which is much appreciated – L.B.

[My Sales Representative] made the process simple, easy and comfortable. This was a sizable investment and [My Sales Representative] made us feel like we had come to the right place. – A.H.

Went above and beyond for us. – T.D.

Professional, accommodation and efficient. – R.M.

High level of commitment to product and experience delivery. – D. S.

Outstanding responsiveness to my many questions. Thanks [Sales Representative]. By the way, I recommended you to my brother. – G.E.

I wanted to say thank you to [On-Site Staff] for the great work they did with my 2017 Super Bowl event. They were both wonderful, and super attentive. I will use Quint Events again. – M.C.

Wanted to reach out and thank you and your staff for taking care of us this weekend everyone had a great time really appreciate your services. – L.B.

Experience the 2019 Super Bowl with QuintEvents!

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