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4 Reasons to Attend Our 2017 Super Bowl Party

By Victoria Barnett


You know what they say…everything’s bigger in Texas. Well, we know Super Bowl LI is going to be huge, so that means you have to have a party just as big to go along with it. Well what do you know, there is one! It’s called the Official Pro Football Hall of Fame Game Day Party, but to save us all time we’ll just refer to it as “our Super Bowl party.” Because that’s what it is – it’s ours! You’ll find parties all over Houston happening on the day of the Super Bowl, but we think you’ll want to attend this one over the rest. Why? Here are four reasons.

NRG-Complex-Perimeter-Map.jpg1. Proximity to Stadium

This is kind of a big deal. After all, no one wants to walk miles to get from a Super Bowl party to the stadium. We definitely made sure to take that into account which is why our party is right outside of the NRG Sports Complex. What does that mean? Well, it means you only have a short walk to NRG Stadium. How convenient! We’re talking approximately 5-10 minutes, depending on your speed of walking. You could also attempt to sprint if you want to get there faster, but we recommend a nice, leisurely stroll.

2. Pro Football Hall of Famer Appearances

Hall of Famers…everywhere! Our party is the OFFICIAL (all caps for emphasis, of course) Pro Football Hall of Fame Party, so naturally we will have plenty of Pro Football Hall of Famers to mix and mingle with while you’re there. Currently, we have nine Hall of Famers lined up to make appearances, but considering this party is open to all Hall of Famers attending the Super Bowl, you could, and most likely will, see even more of these legends walking around. Put simply, other Super Bowl parties will not have this kind of direct access to Hall of Famers.

3. High End Food & Beverage

Does anyone really want to eat hotdogs and hamburgers for dinner before the game starts? I’m going to assume the answer is no. Sure, it’s not so bad, but what if you could have something much better? That’s where our party comes into play.

Prior to the game, we will have some fantastic gourmet food options that are certain to make your stomach happy. It probably won’t be hotdogs – so sorry to disappoint. Oh, and we can’t forget the top shelf premium open bar. Yes, you read that correctly! You’re probably sold already – no judgment here.  

After the game, the options will be slightly different as you can expect beer, wine and soft drinks along with a smaller number of select menu items. We like to make sure you’ll be well-taken care of. We don’t want anyone getting hangry!

4. Atmosphere

As I mentioned earlier, things are bigger and better in Texas, and this certainly rings true for Super Bowl parties. Not to brag, but ours just happens to be the best. It’s hard to top an atmosphere quite like this one. You’ll feel like you’re elite, because well, you’re actually elite. You’re a VIP, and we like to make sure you’re treated like one.

The party will be what kids these days would call “LIT.” Now for us old folks, that translates into “so incredibly amazing.” In other words, it’s going to be the perfect way to get you pumped up for one of the biggest games of the year. Expect live entertainment – what’s a party without live music anyway? We’ll also have some interactive entertainment elements, which in plain English means fun activities for all ages. Put simply, this is THE place to be before and after the Super Bowl.


Attend our Super Bowl Party!

If I haven’t convinced you by now to attend our Super Bowl Party, then I have probably failed at my job. All jokes aside, I hope it sparked your interest and made you realize this is something you don’t want to miss out on. It’s close to the stadium, features plenty of Hall of Famers, offers great food and beverage options, and has a delightful atmosphere. Questions, comments or concerns? Leave me a comment! Ready to get this show on the road? Check out our Super Bowl ticket and hospitality (i.e. party) packages by clicking below.

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