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2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame Presenters: Part 2

By Evan Chronis

Before the biggest names in football take the step into Pro Football HOF immortality, they need to be presented. For some players the selection of their presenter is an immediate decision, but for others it can take months of contemplation. But with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Week Powered by Johnson Controls quickly approaching, all eight inductees have made their choices. Today we’re looking at the last four presenters for the 2018 Enshrinement Ceremony:



Troy Vincent, Presenter for Brian Dawkins


The man who will induct Brian Dawkins into the Pro Football HOF is the one who took the former Eagles safety under his wing from the moment that Dawkins stepped off of the plane in Philadelphia: cornerback Troy Vincent.

Vincent joined the Eagles in 1996 after a four-year stint with the Miami Dolphins, arriving the same season that Philadelphia drafted Dawkins out of Clemson University in the second round of the NFL Draft. The duo played together in Philadelphia's secondary for eight seasons.

But while the two did battle on the gridiron alongside each other for almost a decade, Dawkins says that the lessons he learned from Vincent go far beyond the two end zones. The duo bonded over their Christian faith and discussions about what life looked like post-football.

“The details he went through of how he played the position of cornerback was the same way that he lived his life and his calendars and his businesses that he had off of the field,” Dawkins said.

Vincent made the Pro Bowl five times during his tenure with the Eagles, including one First-Team All-Pro honor. He officially retired from football in 2007 and is currently serving as the Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the NFL.


Robert Brazile, Sr., Presenter for Robert Brazile



Last Summer, Robert Brazile, Sr. was diagnosed with cancer in his lymph nodes. On August 4th, Brazile, Sr. will take the stage in Canton to induct his son into the Pro Football HOF.

When former Houston Oiler linebacker Brazile found out that he was a Pro Football HOF finalist, he called his father and told him the news, along with a caveat:

“You’ve got to get well, you’ve got to present me.”

As a father, Brazile, Sr. has a lot to be proud of. His son was selected to seven consecutive Pro Bowls from 1976 to 1982 and was named the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year in 1975. He was also named to five consecutive First-Team All-Pro teams from 1976 to 1980.


Joe Gibbs, Presenter for Bobby Beathard



Thirty-seven years after he picked Joe Gibbs to become the head coach of the Washington Redskins, former Redskins general manager Bobby Beathard has selected Gibbs to present him at the Pro Football HOF Enshrinement ceremony.

Beathard served as the Redskins general manager from 1978 to 1989, but a majority of his success as an executive came once he had Gibbs on his staff. With Beathard in charge of player personnel and Gibbs on the sideline, the duo led the Redskins to three Super Bowl appearances and two victories.

“We were together so long,” Beathard said. “I think he knows more about me and what I did in football, and I know more about him. So I think he was just kind of the natural (choice).”

Overall, Gibbs is a three-time Super Bowl winning coach, which led to induction as a member of the Pro Football HOF Class of 1996. He holds a 198-115 career record as a head coach and is currently the owner of Joe Gibbs Racing.

Beathard’s choice of Gibbs is the completion of the circle between the two -- Gibbs thanked Beathard for giving him a chance during his HOF acceptance speech in 1996.

Alicia Kramer, Presenter for Jerry Kramer



The Pro Football HOF Enshrinement ceremony is often a family affair, but for former Green Bay Packer guard Jerry Kramer, family is the reason he’s being inducted.

That’s why Kramer has selected his daughter, Alicia, to be the presenter for his induction into the Pro Football HOF.

Five years ago, Kramer was approached by his daughter, Alicia, about a movement that she wanted to kick start in an attempt to get her father inducted into the Pro Football HOF. Kramer’s initial response to the request was a commanding no, citing a lack of desire to see his own daughter campaign on his behalf.

But Alicia’s persistence overrode her father’s wishes. She collected around 65 letters from current Hall of Famers over the years, all attesting that Kramer deserves to be inducted and that it has been long overdue.

The reason for the campaigning was justified. Before being inducted in the 2018 Pro Football HOF class, Kramer was a finalist 10 times over the past four decades -- the most of any player in Canton’s storied history.

Kramer was one of the vital members of the iconic, Vince Lombardi-lead Green Bay Packers teams of the 1960s. As a part of that troupe, Kramer won five NFL Championships, two Super Bowls (the first two), and was named a First-Team All-Pro five times.


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